Investment-Grade Audits

eneroi's expert auditors utilize the #1 auditing software- SnapCount- to record all characteristics of your lighting system that most others miss. This lets us design the most efficient, thought-out solution for your facility. 

This is done at no cost.







Click below to see an example of our audit summary report.

Proposal Within 3 Days

When you want something you want it now, not weeks later.

We pride ourselves on the ability to send you our audit report summary by midnight on the day of audit & you will have the full, turnkey proposal within 3 days after we've left the site.

Our turnkey proposals include everything needed to remove your old lighting and put in our LEDs: material, labor, lifts, recycling/disposal, warranty, and incentive/rebate documentation and processing.

Quality, Quality, Quality

If you've ever tried buying LED products on your own you've surely realized there are hundreds of products on the market from just as many brands. We partner directly with the highest quality manufacturers in the industry such as Keystone Technologies & Orion. Our reputation is everything, so partnering with the best of the best is the only option.

Our installation team is full of perfectionists- and it shows.

Industry Leading Project Paybacks

Just because we use the highest quality LED products on the market doesn't mean our projects come at a higher cost. 

  • Our goal for every project is 24 months or less.

  • Higher volume = lower individual pricing. Instead of trying to pull every penny of profit out of a job like others, we can afford to give you the best possible pricing due to our volume.

  • We offer a financing program that lets you upgrade an entire facility with $0 down and no debt added to your b/s.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


  • 45-75% more efficient than fluorescent/MH/HPS lighting

  • 100,000+ hr life expectancy maintaining over 70% original lumens

  • Reduced HVAC & Maintenance costs 

  • Health & Moral Improvements

  • Utility & Federal/Local Incentives/Rebates



Our process is a collaborative effort with you to ensure a seamless, non-interruptive energy savings LED upgrade. While we ask for management's engagement throughout the process to be sure we meet the needs of each of our customers, we do not rely on employee involvement. First, our professional team will perform an on-site audit of your facility to obtain fixture counts, lumen requirements and other needed information at no cost to you. Our engineering team will then design an LED project, with management's key goals in mind, to provide the most cost-effective and beneficial project to you.