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  • 45-75% more efficient than fluorescent/MH/HPS lighting

  • 100,000+ hr life expectancy maintaining over 70% original lumens

  • Reduced HVAC & Maintenance costs 

  • Health & Moral Improvements

  • Utility & Federal/Local Incentives/Rebates


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The first step of any well designed lighting upgrade is to visit the facility and perform a thorough audit of the existing lighting system. While utilizing a sophisticated audit management software, our qualified personnel record, room by room, various attributes of the space including room dimensions, type of existing light(s), footcandle readings, and more. Then with this data in hand, and any management input, we utilize AGi32 lighting design software to appropriately select an LED solution that meets footcandle, energy savings, and layout goals. We pull all of this data together into an easy to understand turnkey LED upgrade proposal that will not only save you a significant amount of energy but also improve light levels, enhance your facility's appearance, and reduce future maintenance requirements.

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